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The AronHill Vineyard Team


JUDY ARON Proprietor 

Fearless Leader, Horse Enthusiast, Winegrower

AronHill Vineyards was born in 1996, when Judy joined the proverbial “boy’s club” of Paso Robles winegrowers at a time when the region was only beginning to make a name for itself. She never looked back. Her experience as a horse breeder had forged a hands-on work ethic that drove her to learn the wine business literally from the ground up. Along the way, she became an early proponent of “dry farming”—a challenging yet rewarding method of winegrowing that conserves water and allows for a pure expression of place. She is also renowned for cultivating a spirit of warm hospitality at the tasting room, where she can often be found pouring wine for guests. “You never know what passion you might discover, and where it will take you. For me, winegrowing began as an unexpected journey. It evolved organically, and has become a way of life. I find true thrill in the process, and in sharing the fruits of our labors with others.”

LUPE LOPEZ Vineyard Foreman & Cellar Master

AronHill Original, Talented Horseman, Vine Whisperer

Lupe started out as a horseman and caretaker here on the property. One afternoon, Judy approached him in the stable and said, “Lupe, I think we’re gonna learn how to grow grapes.” He grinned back, and said, “Okay with me.” Together, they planted the hillside to vines, and with his characteristic attention to detail, Lupe quickly mastered the art of vineyard management. He didn’t stop there. When we started making wines under the AronHill label, Lupe again rose to the occasion and became the winery’s cellar master. “Lupe is incredible, invaluable and a linchpin to our success,” Judy says. “He watches over our grapes like a Mother Hen. I simply couldn’t do it without him.”



KATHRYN ARONGeneral Manager

Second-Generation Vintner, Proud Mom, Sales Ninja

As the daughter of founder Judy Aron, Kathryn Aron has been a part of the Paso Robles winemaking community for nearly 20 years. She joined AronHill Vineyards full time in 2011. She runs the tasting room, and she recently transitioned to the position of director of sales, with the mission of taking the AronHill brand to the next level. She is also a busy mother of two children, Gavin and Kaitlyn, who can often be found running around the vineyard or helping in the tasting room. Needless to say, spare time is at a premium for Kathryn, but when she gets it, she likes to spend time with friends and explore the beauty of the Central Coast. “There’s such a strong sense of community, camaraderie and family not only here at AronHill, but all across our local wine industry,” she says. “This isn’t just something we do—it’s something we believe in.”

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AronHill Vineyards

3745 West Highway 46
Templeton, CA 93465
(805) 434-3333

Tasting Room & Bistro Open Daily

Tasting Room Hours: 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Bistro Hours: 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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